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  1. I guess this is new. I am not using a PC, I am using an Android. I do not use chrome, nor do I update it as I don't use it at all, ever. I too have kinks to .gvt1.com I just got them, not from a security alert, but because Facebook was updating.(ALL Auto updates on my accouns accept AntiV and Firewall, are off, but Facebook keeps creeping it's foot in the door so to speak. r3---sn-a5mlrn76.gvt1.com r2---sn-a5mekn7y.gvt1.com r1---sn-a5m7lnlz.gvt1.com At or around sametime above traffic, the only background traffic was, external-atl3-1.xx.fbcdn.net lookaside.fa
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