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  1. @jeebusSounds like same problem I had. See this page at top.I had an older version, quirky in that I'd click to install upgrades and they evidently did not upgrade. I forced the upgrade using instructions @dcollins sent to me earlier today. I thought it strange that this notice started popping up just after this latest issue.
  2. @dcollinsThousand thanks! Don't have a clue why updates haven't been installed as I've always clicked to install them. Didn't work thru app so I followed link (without the period) and got an invalid request but noticed the banner at the bottom to save or whatever and ran the file. I think I'm good. Sincerely appreciate your speedy reply and help.
  3. Random thoughts: First, I just noticed these 2 "new" locked, pinned, and featured topics under News forum. How to recover for home users https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/220528-web-blocking-ram-usage-how-to-recover-home-users/ How to recover for corporate users https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/220408-web-blocking-ram-usage-how-to-recover-corporate-users/ Second, I'm curious about why there were 31 pages in this forum then it went to 29 where it's stayed for the last couple days. I don't understand why or how with a continually growing number of posts the pages aren't growing in number respectively. Third, I freaked out when I saw and absent-mindedly by habit clicked on a notice to download a "new" "free" version of MWB. I tried to stop it by closing down the service and waiting but when I reopened MWB it auto-started the download. I'm configured to auto-update sig files but not versions. Not too smart to invoke the version update but stuff happens and it appears to have gone okay. Third and last -- any thoughts? Anybody? Please be nice.
  4. Something for users of this forum to ponder: 120,623 Total Members of this forum. 1,290 Most Online at any one time.
  5. There're three things we always need to determine before we take action or form an opinion: Should be. Could be. Is. Then we always need to work with what is because that is all we have. Consumers should do as you stated. Consumers could evolve into perfect consumers. Consumers are not what you think they should be and odds are they never will be even if they could be. What remains is what we have to work with, plan on, prepare for, and manage because it is what it is and it is, after all, the real world, not what we think it should be or could be. I do think MB would look better if they pushed an email out to every address they do have linking to amplified information on the front/landing/home/index page of their public-facing site. PS. The study of Web usability and design of anything is a humbling experience along with a priceless education in human behavior. It quickly and clearly strips assumptions, presumptions, and expectations about how folks interact with everything. It's almost guaranteed to be something other than what the designers planned for.
  6. I was wondering how to refer to the new guidance as it wasn't intuitive, at least, to me. By accident, my mouse cursor floated over the hidden linked text in pbust's post quoted above of "How to recover from faulty Web Protection update". Here's the link to the subject post: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/220408-how-to-recover-from-faulty-web-protection-update/ In that post, linked text opens a PDF containing MB's analysis, description, findings/cause, and corrective action: https://www.malwarebytes.com/pdf/WebProtectionFP.pdf I agree that this incident is serious; however, I also see a company owning it's culpability plus demonstrating significant effort in a very transparent and honest way to mitigate the oversight. And unless I'm missing or misunderstanding something in the analysis, MB's response was fast and focused. We've all seen tech companies do much less, a lot slower, with less ownership, and no sense of ethical direction whatsoever. We all live in glass houses.
  7. Well said, thais! The sign of a true professional is not whether or not mistakes are made but how mistakes are managed.
  8. Thanks to you, SawtoothID, for writing out the steps you took in a way that most users can figure out. I wish there was an easier way to broadcast the info. You're right, a complex fix is not required. My desktop was hosed right off due to a power outage that caused it to shutdown. Starting it up also started my day of frustration because I started looking down the wrong hole right off. Fortunately, my laptop was asleep whilst this all went down. After I figured out the issue, I was able to start it up and open Task Manager right away where I ended the Malwarebytes Service task. I think that does the same thing as going into Services and stopping the service there. Anyway, the result was the same: a delay of memory consumption. After restarting, the laptop has worked fine. I agree 100% about documenting every step either to later help yourself or tech support back out of a rabbit hole or undo stuff that didn't need to be done, such as disabling the Fast Startup feature that I posted about earlier today. I also am not aware of any further issues or damages to either software or hardware. It's too easy to get angry -- even though I was terribly frustrated and could've become very angry at MB -- in the heat of the moment. As you mentioned, I too hope for the best and send my sympathies to both MB users who are still wandering in the dark and the MB company itself as they try to recover from this stupendously expensive and humiliating experience. Be well.
  9. Please, folks, please, lighten up on the braggadocio, the chest-thumping, and reaching around your own shoulder to pat yourselves on the back because you were lucky enough to know how to handle what is to the vast majority of users a f'kin disaster. Please stop the self-aggrandizing and arrogant smirking. Most of MBs users are merely folks who heard this was a great program from someone or some source they trusted then installed it and perhaps bought the premium upgrade. Most of MBs users are still lost in the wilderness of tech fog and tech babble; a lot of it from egomaniacal techies suffering an overdose of testosterone. They're all FUBAR now. And will continue to be for days while the fix is globally disseminated. Moreover, by far, most users don't even know and never will know about this forum. While repair shops and contractors make a ton of money on this, real people in real world situations are not able to pay their bills that they're increasingly being forced to pay online, they aren't able to communicate with kids away at school, grandparents can't see their grandbabies, and kids who have to use computers for homework aren't learning. Have some compassion for people. You know, since you're so darned good, try calling some folks who you think might be affected and ask them if they are affected, and if they are, ask them if you could go to their site and fix the problem for them. Since you're so smart. I'll apologize for my rant now. But I won't take it back.
  10. Subject: FAST STARTUP FEATURE, enabling/disabling Some have recommended disabling this feature. I suggest anyone considering changing this feature's default setting first check out Microsoft's Window's Support at https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4011287/windows-updates-not-install-with-fast-startup A finer point of usage not mentioned in any of the posts that I've seen discussing this do not mention the following: "Full shutdown only occurs when you restart a computer or when other event causes the computer to process a full shutdown. In order to make sure Windows updates that require pending operations being installed properly, you have to restart your computer to complete the installation." By default (in most cases), restarting bypasses this feature. In other words, a normal shutdown results in a partial shutdown using the Fast Startup feature preparing the PC up for a fast startup. Restarting a PC initiates a full shutdown that in turn processes pending operations. So there is no real need to disable this feature if you only remember that to process any pending changes/operations, you need to restart your PC rather than shut it down. Restarting is the usual/common user behavior when processing updates. Just sayin' it's something to think about before making another change to your system.
  11. @SawtoothID You’re a good man. Sorry you’re sick. It is a nasty flu. Rest. Get well. Then teach others your ways.
  12. @dcollins Thanks for your kind reply. After a sanity break, I returned and found your post. After finally being able to close down the service that was consuming 85% of memory, I downloaded the tool but opted to not reinstall on my desktop. I have yet to checkout my laptop but am hoping for better results as it’s been shutdown all day. Just for grins, I then ran Revo’s Forced Uninstall and as I assumed would happen, it found that MB’s tool did not perform as cleanly as claimed. @MsKarma Well said. It wasn’t a pointless rant at all. And it was reasoned and quite literate. We agree that pushing an email to paid users would’ve greatly helped. I too am no longer on the bleeding edge after retiring 6 years ago. In fact, I don’t even see the edge in my rearview mirror. That is something I’m quite content with. @SawtoothID I agree that MB folks owned the issue right away. How could they not? They also got a fix out PDQ. How could they not? I’m not as sure about my future with them as you are yours. Trust has to be earned in the game they chose to play in even more so than in the average software dev markets. I like your forgiving position. I also know that once folks mess up big they tend to work harder to not repeat it and use the humbling experience to improve in practice and spirit. My only question, from one old guy to another, is: Why didn’t you share your insights earlier? ———— Whew.
  13. After 5 hrs of trying to reboot a system and determine why each request takes at least 30 seconds to process and each reboot became a walk-away-and-come-back-later thing, I finally figured out Malwarebytes was corrupted. Then after trying to determine WTF was going on with the app, I decided to uninstall using Revo. The app’s uninstaller freezes so Revo hangs. Malwarebytes won’t open now because the service can’t be found. Was finally able to close app but system now taking about a minute to process a request. Would've been great to get an emergency email announcement with instructions. Ya’ know, every minute a screw up takes from a user’s life to fix is like a mike off a tire: you can’t get it back. Time is our most precious non-renewable resource. It angers me to have it wasted. I am out of ideas how to proceed so I can get my system operating again. I am dead on the water and tired of wasting my life on this. Does anyone have any suggestions? Many thanks.
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