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  1. Malwarebytes version Update package version 1.0.18152 Component package version 1.0.793 Photoshop 2020 version 21.0.3 ...but alas, the Generator problem is still present. Excluding C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop 2020\node.exe from detection as ransomware only, functions as a workaround though.
  2. The level of my disappointment regarding this matter is well beyond the harshest swearwords in existence. For several years I have relied on, and paid Malwarebytes a bunch of sweet euros in license fees, but I’ve seen the software quality trend plummeting at an alarming rate lately, and now THIS. I had been working on a time critical design project for 5–6 hours, when my screens suddenly just went blank. All screens, not just the main one. Blank, as in black, but not shut down like the video card wasn’t alive sending image data. Windows itself went…black. Ctrl+Shift+Esc to see what was going on didn’t help one damned bit. Tried remoting to the machine, and at first it seemed able to connect, some windows flashed by but alas, close but no cigar. I had of course saved my work several times during the session, but I knew pressing the Reset button could possibly garble the document and ditch my work. But what to do?? And of f*cking course my system went bananas after I pressed Reset. Memory usage spiked, munching my entire 32 GB RAM to f*cking nichts! My hours of work is now wasted, and I have a machine that feels unstable (at the very least to say). I HAVE NO TRUST IN YOU ANYMORE, MBAM! You will not be receiving as much as a cent from me anymore. Please go f*ck yourself at your earliest convenience.
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