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  1. But I'm old and tired so I just give up. At my age I don't have a clue when or under what name I'd bought the licenses (or which license goes on which PC), only that it was as many as 10 years ago. I expect things like this from Windows 10 updates which is why I run Win 7 and 8.1. Seems like Malwarebytes could have at the least sent an email telling us to register each PC with our accounts ? I had 5 PCs running Lifetime licenses until a year ago and lost two but was able to recover one. I just Won't update the three that still work and I'll just run the free version on those two until I get a MAC in 2023. Great product but this is ridiculous
  2. I hadn't noticed it changed the settings to let it apply itself to the WAC, it's working now so hopefully won't do it again on the next update ? Thanks
  3. The last update also turns off Windows Defender when running Windows 8.1. Followed all the recommended fixes for the dreaded error 577 and nothing works except completely uninstalling Malwarebytes Premium with REVO uninstaller. Defender will work for a hour or two after reinstalling Malwarebytes then it shuts it off again. This is on a homebuilt: ASUS MOBO with FX-8150 running UEFI on a SSD. Made a MBR Clone to a Mechanical in MBR and tried on another Rig running a MSI MOBO with a A8 APU and don't have the problem but if I put the cloned HDD in the Dozer it does it again if that helps. I trust Malwarebytes more than Windows Defender so I'll just run as is until the problem is resolved as I don't have any wish to install another anti-virus. Please Fix ASAP
  4. I don't have a very good memory so the following is just a guestimate. The slowdown on My laptop running Windows 8.1 started several months ago and I'm thinking it was around September. At first it was a gradual slowdown then about 2 Months back My OS took a dramatic loss of speed. Until today I layed the blame entirely on Microsoft. Windows Explorer took twice as long as it should have, and Internet Explorer became unusable. IE would take 15 seconds to launch instead of 3-4 seconds. I prolly spent in excess of 100 Hours trying to get my laptop working right and I'm sure I even ended up with a Damaged SSD as it was overheating and I could not figure out why.. Today when I uninstalled Malwarebytes I learned the problem wasn't caused by Microsoft. I've since reinstalled MalwareBytes and the system has slowed a little but it's usable. If it slows again like before with another Malwarebytes update I'll know the cause and uninstall it for good. Sad, I really need Malwarebytes protection
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