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  1. Can't locate this document through a web search; is it available to mere mortals ?
  2. And I, like many other people on this planet, do not. Neither statement adds anything worthwhile to the debate as to whether this issue was handled responsibly by MWB. I continue to believe that it was -- you may choose to differ.
  3. One possible reason for the vacillating number of pages is that at least one post was a blatant link to an irrelevant external organisation and was reported as such; shortly after the report, the post was deleted, presumably by a forum administrator.
  4. Then you need to get a life. Read back, and you will see that I was one of those affected (15,6GB of VM used by MWB). And as for being an employee of MWB, I wish -- I am ten years into retirement and have paid for all of my MWB licences out of my own pocket. But the real difference between you and I is that I live in the real world, where mistakes happen; I have made mistakes, I have no doubt that you have made mistakes, and on this occasion MWB made a mistake. But they identified it, reported it (on the forum), and set to rectifying it in a timely manner. What more could any reasonable person ask ?
  5. No, what they have are loyal users who recognise and accept that no-one, and no organisation, is perfect, and that mistakes, regrettable thought they may be, are a normal part of life.
  6. Well said, StID. I in much the same position as yourself (age, career) and like you I found the cause for myself, in my case via Windows Task Manager / "Show processes from all users". Once the culprit process was identified, it was the work of seconds to terminate it, search the web for recent discussion thereof, and all was clear. For everyone bitching out there -- just ask yourself "How many times has MWB saved my life (metaphorically speaking) ?" and then put yesterday's mistake in perspective. If (G@d forbid) the MWB team were to decide to pull the plug, where would that leave the countless millions (if not billions) of users who rely on MWB on a daily basis ? I use Sophos and MWB in parallel, and the combination has kept me out of trouble more times that I can count.
  7. Absolutely gobsmacked at the number of people bitching about this problem. On average, Malwarebytes probably intercepts well over one hundred potential nasties per day on my system alone, for which I am eternally grateful. Yes, I was hit by the memory leak (it reached 15.6GB on my system) but killing the offending process immediately restored the "lost" VM and MWB then automatically updated its own database. Thank you, the Malwarebytes team, not only for rapidly identifying the cause of the problem and releasing a fix, but for all your hard work in protecting millions of users every day.
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