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  1. I have finally caught up after spending what seemed to be a lifetime spent pulling myself out of the aftermath. I ended up needing to remove MalwareBytes Premium 3.3.1 and for the foreseeable future, move on. I want to apologize for implying that you and everyone in your company has failed. Definitely not as the product has cleaned out more than a few problems in the past. Since we last communicated I found a well-written memo from MalwareBytes Engineering and Research regarding Web/RAM issue. I wish I had seen this earlier. It is amazing that it took about 5 min for MalwareBytes tech to respond to the issue. Heres memo I am referring to, was posted: https://www.malwarebytes.com/pdf/WebProtectionFP.pdf Tech support obviously did a stellar job at responding to the issue. I wonder what or who got in the way? Again, thank you for your efforts. Sincerely
  2. Those on this blog should give themselves a pat on the back for persistence to have made it this far, for looking past the aloofness of MB tech assist. I have little to complain about compared to those who are responsible for customers or networks of any size. Should we communicate with somebody within Malwarebytes, who has a big stake in the company? One "small error" in an update, followed by hours of twisting in the wind? We were left to discover the problem ourselves. Still cannot wrap my head around why it wasn't at least posted on the official MB website in large bold colors. I cannot express how I feel. MB could have gained more followers if they had just been quick to communicate. Now, they may lose. Yesterday, I thought my system was slow because I forgot to log in to the internet at startup. Curiously, after logging in, the Win 7 Systems Config Utility showed Malwarebytes and the entire list were set to launch on startup. Crazy. It was not originally set up this way. After several crashes and MB v 3 Premium taking forever to run, I followed a link on the MB app to the blog with details and updates. At that time, I had the most recent version of MB and updates, so I rebooted for the 4th time. What about those who through no fault of their own, did not have alternate access to the internet and the blog, were probably hosed for allot longer? Have no idea, but not sure it should be broadcast on Media, possibly opening the doors for more sinister problems for MB customers. This is my first tryout with MB. My inherited laptop was having unbelievable scary issues, so I installed MB v 3.3 Premium 1/17/2018. MB tech says too bad, it will not re-issue trial version for days lost due to MB issue. Purchase with 30 day $ back guarantee. v 3.3 Premium found 86 items, 4 were malware. And I thought the other user and I had done everything possible to remain squeeky clean. Prior to installing MB, I did some research and found it might be prudent to use more than one security app. I may or may not drop MB but I will never use it as sole protection. MB blog is one of the good things about MalwareBytes.
  3. Then you can be sure I will wait for as long as it takes, until the situation has resolved. In the meantime, I will be considering other options.
  4. I have v 3 Premium on a single Win 7 64bit laptop. Have had issues plus Windows shutting down due to the Web Blocking / RAM Usage events that began yesterday, Jan 27th. I noticed just now that MB is completely missing on my laptop. Maybe re-booting my machine about 6 times caused it? Would it be possible to re-install version 3 Premium Trial for 4 remaining days, Jan 27th - Feb 1st? Jan 17th, 2018, installed free version with 14 day full Premium version on a trial basis. Have 4 more days to test before reverting. I noticed that it had no license key with the trial version but it ran perfectly and found 4 malware, 82 PUP files, so far. Not thoroughly convinced to purchase quite yet. Would be greatful for the balance of the v 3 Premium trial version to help me decide. to free version. Please advise. Thank you
  5. I had issues this morning. Windows 7 Professional lagged terribly and shut down twice while I was troubleshooting. I turned off MB Web Protections, then windows shut down a third time while running scan. It ran very, very sl-o-o-o-wly. During the scan, a pop up windows message not able to access licence or similar message. Cancelled scan. Looking under settings, there is no update for the MB 3.3.1 Premium trial version to remediate today's issues. MB / Settings/Scan folder options are Activate Licence (and enter key which did not come with the trial) or Update Now (select version to purchase/no upgrade for trial version offered). Just now as I write, a "Program Compatibility Assistant window" opened with message: "Windows detected this program did not run correctly" and "has applied compatibility settings to this program". However, it looks like I have latest and greatest versions but still had problems: Installed Jan 17th, 2018 / MB V, Update package 1.0.3084 , Component Package 1.0.262 on Windows 7 Professional, 64bit Was this connected to, or coincidentally a separate issue from this mornings issues? What can be done? Do I lose last 4 days of my trial? Spent 1/2 a day trying to fix this. Please help
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