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  1. So upset to hear this. The updated version of malwarebytes should contain the fix to memory issues. Thanks hope I could help.
  2. I am not sure how to fix this but for me it doesnt make any sense to wait any longer.
  3. I know but I missed out crucial steps. Just hope one of us can help this guy.
  4. @maplegal When at sign in screen at bottom right theres the power button which if u click comes with 3 options Sign out, Restart and Shut down Hold shift while pressing restart without letting go of shift. After 1 minute or so a menu will appear press f5 and it will reboot in safemode.
  5. @maplegal if it does come make sure u hold shift and restart to open in safemode.
  6. @maplegal I had same issue my screen was grey when i rebooted. I waited like 15mins and the sign in screen came.
  7. If it isnt working in safemode its not mb issue. Go into safemode open mb go into mb settings > protection scroll down and disable "open mb at windows startup" then reboot pc and go to https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb_clean this will reinstall mb and preserve the key. It is the newest update release today which fixed alot of issues .
  8. @X-Ray @Frozenturtle I just realised this caused my freezing problem which i was trying to fix all day. simply start you computer in safe mode (if you don't know how to go into safemode go to google and type "How to open safemode on windows 10) and disable malwarebytes on startup settings (task manager). Restart your pc and go to https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb_clean this will: uninstall malwarebytes, Reboot then reinstall malware bytes and it will preserve t the key throughout the whole process. This should fix: pc freezing problem , web protection problem and black screen problem. Also if you dont see Malwarebytes on startup on task manager open malwarebytes go into settings > protections > scroll down and you will see start up options uncheck "start malwarebytes upon windows startup"
  9. Hey try using https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb_clean Please do be very careful if as this uninstalls malware bytes then reinstalls it but preserves the key so u dont have to type ur license key after reinstall and if it does go wrong it makes a notepad file on ur desktop containing your key. What the cleaner does exactly is: uninstalls malwarebtyes reboots pc After reboot you will get a notification asking if you want to reinstall malwarebytes 3 hit yes and it will reinstall it and it will preserve your key
  10. @Quarantain https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb_clean go here and run the cleaner. It fixed it for me. Admins will go very technical even tho the resolution to the problem is simple. However please do be careful do not turn off your pc while the cleaner reboots. This is what the cleaner does: Uninstalls malwarebytes reboots upon reboot you will find a installer pop up asking if you want to reinstall malwarebytes Hit yes and it will reinstall it and it preserve your license key so you dont have to go through the hastle of typing your license key out again. If anything does go wrong not to worry because when it reboots it creates a notepad file containing your key. Hope all goes well.
  11. @murphy62 Thanks so much it worked. What you basically have to do is update the mbham which is what the cleanup thingy does. Thanks alot! @celee I will remember the logs info for the future.
  12. thank you both for responding i will try murphy's method first then the administrators .
  13. Ok so im on Malwarebytes version and update package version 1.0.3804 I am confused . I had issues with my pc where it kept freezing earlier today i dont know if this is linked to it but after like 2-3 hours of rebooting the freezing stopped but now that it stopped i have this new error : " REAL TIME PROTECTION TURNED OFF " when i try switch it on it just won't work. Please help. Thanks have a good day It also crashes saying something like "service stopped working the the program will restart" I was having no issues till today.
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