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  1. Actually, I solved it, now. I did what was suggested here: It worked perfectly. I waited a few hours to be super positive about it before reporting it. Still fine. Seems like the problem is gone now.
  2. First thing I tried, two good days ago. It doesn't solve the problem at all.
  3. I'm on 1.0.3807 (Windows 7 OS) and the problem is still there. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling using the proper tool you provide, to no success. It fixed it but web protection shut down just a few seconds after the bootup. The update fixed the crash issues but NOT the web protection shutting down and not turning on.
  4. Yes, of course. The uninstall tool takes care of that as well.
  5. Tried that as well. Web protection came back for a few seconds, then went off again.
  6. I uninstalled it using the appropriate tool you can download from this site. It should theoretically take care of that as well and allow for a clean installation. I'd like to avoid tinkering with the registry with CCleaner if possible.
  7. I just did it. Fixed it for about 20 secs, then it turned down itself again.
  8. I was wondering what crashed my PC. BTW, subsequently to the update, Web Protection is now off and it cannot be turned on.
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