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  1. In spite of the disaster, was this an advertisement for MBAM? Well, my suggestion would be G DATA. Comes from Germany and runs better than Norton and McAfee.
  2. Are you kidding us around here? What kind of pages do you visit? Dubious po*n sites? In the last few years, I've only received a warning from MBAM. Do you run a server? If so, for their security there is better software. And yes, I have paid for this software and I don't expect such a disaster. Mistakes always happen, but this was more than just a mistake. And as a customer, you can also complain about that.
  3. Well, not if you as a private user had installed this software also on Comuter of friends / family etc.. Of course, this was certainly a catastrophe for a company or PC dealer supporter.
  4. Alter, was lese ich hier? And did that protect my computer and my friends or what? What a stupid comment. This database was the threat! I can only shake my head with it (no idea if that's what they say in the States).
  5. Hello here from the night, I haven't seen such a disaster like this in 20 years. Presumably the from Malwarebytes wanted to send an update before the weekend and hadn't checked this before. Anyway, I'm very tired here and going to sleep now. At least today I learned a lot of (funny9 sayings from the States that I had never heard before. Despite all the trouble, I wish everyone here from Schleswig-Holstein a nice Sunday!
  6. Hello, had the same problem as most users. Please read this here.
  7. I have been working with computers for many years (started with a TI-99/4A) and I experienced such a disaster with a program 20 years ago. Cause: the update has not been tested before. It's not really supposed to happen again. And Porthos answer to Battride is a bad joke.
  8. Thanks for this tip. I can confirm that it works. But now I say good night and good luck everyone!
  9. Same here. We have 23:43 here and I don't feel like it. Maybe tomorrow the world will be fine. ;-)
  10. Good job? Wait what? Are you kidding? This GAU (DBA) has ruined my Saturday so far.:-(
  11. Hello from Northern Germany, that's my problem, too. A lot of people are angry with me now and I have a lot of work to do on my free weekend. OK, it's happend but please you really need to make sure this does not happen again.
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