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  1. Nice of you to have put an incomplete fix in the other thread and then locked it. I had rebooted my machine a dozen times trying to resolve things before I figured out what is going on. Reboots do NOT fix the problem. The problem is that many of us couldn't do anything when the service was running amok. The systems wouldn't run well enough before crashing to get a browser up. The solution is to disable the service (you can run the command "services.exe"). You may need to bring the system up in safe mode to throttle the misbehavior (it seems to still run amok in safe mode, b
  2. Did you disable the service while attempting to recover your machine? (is there any reason why this forum uses the absolutely most mindblowing inanely stupid software)? Just sitting here waiting for 21 more seconds before it will post.
  3. What's the point of having a nine-ways-to-sunday allegedly "strong" password if you're just going to use this inVision abortion of a forum. Giant security hole waiting to happen.
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