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  1. @u_li We have a new Beta Component version 1.0.505 which resolves this issue. Your system may have already been updated. If not, please update it manually. Once you have the new Beta, please enable Web Protection and check if Shellshock Live works for you. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for reporting the issue @u_li. We are able to replicate the problem in-house. Development team is currently working on a fix.
  3. Can you please gather the logs mentioned in the thread below. Also, please check if you have the following file: C:\Windows\MEMORY.dmp and if you do, zip it up and upload it here or use wetransfer.com to generate a link and send me the link. Thanks!
  4. Sorry for a delayed response. The issue seems to be that the UI (Dashboard and Tray menu) are somehow getting un-synced with the state of Web Protection driver. When you see that Web Protection is disabled, please try this URL and let us know if you get a block notification: http://iptest.malwarebytes.com We have logged this as a defect and will be addressing this issue in our next release.
  5. Looking at the logs it seems like Web Protection driver failed to stop and reload after the DB update. Can you please restart your computer and see if this resolves the issue? If Web Protection does not start after reboot, please let us know!
  6. Upgrading to the latest version of OpenVPN 2.4.5 should resolve this issue. We've seen similar compatibility issues with MB3 and OpenVPN client older than version 2.3.
  7. Can you please provide the version of OpenVPN client you are running? Also, if you have an older version (2.2 or lower) of OpenVPN client, please try upgrading it to latest. Thanks!
  8. Hi sjhoffman, Thank you for your valuable feedback! Sorry to hear that you encountered a BSOD on your system. We have a new patch released today with a fix for similar BSOD. Can you please update to this version and see if this resolves your BSOD issue?
  9. @BrianInWA I just got word from our staff member that you are still facing issues with Web Protection and we have received necessary files from you recently. Please ignore my earlier request.
  10. @BrianInWA can you please try enabling Web Protection? We have made a fix for BSOD related to Web Protection and it would be great if you can provide your feedback if Web Protection is stable on your system. Thanks!
  11. @DmitryMorgan Thank you for trying to find the dump file. I am not sure if you have updated to Beta 2 version as the issue you were facing (BSOD) is addressed in the new Beta. It would be great if you can try out the new version with Web Protection enabled and let us know if it resolved BSOD problem on your system. Here are the instructions on how to upgrade:
  12. OK - try quitting MBAM and starting again after doing "sc delete mbamwebprotection" one more time. Maybe the service needs to be restarted.
  13. Please try this: 1. Open up a command prompt as Administrator 2. Type in (without quotes) "sc delete mbamwebprotection" 3. Enable Web protection from MBAM UI
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