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  1. My desktop is still doing fine with MWB beta edition. My laptop, that I use once a week for a few hours in native Windows 10 to make a backup with Acronis True Image, was behaving bad this morning. Applications were hanging. So also there I moved to MWB beta and rebooted. Everything seemed OK. But I use my laptop 99% of the time in native Ubuntu 20.04. And there I use VMwarePlayer with Windows 10 2004 as guest OS for some Windows applications. There MWB official is running fine. I don't see what the difference is between native Windows on laptop and desktop versus virtual guest OS...
  2. Hi Maurice, My desktop is on a wired ethernet connection, no wifi. OK, I've allowed beta MWB: now the versions are : / 1.0.25376 / 1.0.946 I changed the daily scan to 21h00 and indeed I think on every boot in the morning, MWB was scanning, making the PC slow. I don't know why it was 02h19... I never run Windows Defender manually. Kind regards, Bert
  3. My desktop still has issues. I again disabled web and ransomware protection. Please find attached the zip file made by the support tool. In my Windows 10 Pro 2004 guest OS on Ubuntu 20.04 host via VMwarePlayer (on my laptop), I don't have problems with MalwareBytes. mbst-grab-results.zip
  4. MalwareBytes is now running with all four protections enabled and running fine. Indeed strange that with the same components 1.0.931 I now get a different behaviour then on June 1. Unless there was something wrong with the malware definition database at that time?
  5. Hi Maurice, I have let Windows 10 clean up the previous windows installation folder. I am still running MalwareBytes (with the latest components available). Still with ransomware protection disabled. I will keep it like that until I read on this forum that the issues are solved by MalwareBytes. Kind regards, Bert
  6. I did not move or rename lots of files myself. But of course the Windows 10 2004 update has done a huge amount of file changes, it created a 30 GB windows.old folder ...
  7. My post on the combination Windows 10 2004 and MalwareBytes is already closed: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/260184-malwarebytes-41056-not-compatible-with-windows-10-2004/ But unfortunately it is NOT resolved by disabling the fast Windows startup. I did now just like GaryE: disable Ransomware Protection and my laptop and desktop work fine now. Still with the official release: no beta.
  8. I'v put Windows 10 2004 "Fast Startup Disabled" on both laptop and desktop and installed the downloadable MalwareBytes (no beta) and updated it. I now have: And after reboot, so far everything is fine. Keep fingers crossed...
  9. I have uninstalled MalwareBytes completely. After installation of the beta version, everything seemed fine. But then after a full PC reboot, Thunderbird and Firefox just became unresponsive again. Throwing out MalwareBytes solved it. Maybe within a month or so, I will try to install MWB again, as I am a paying customer. For now I have lost enough hours after upgrading Windows 10 to 2004.
  10. Dear Maurice, Thanks for your advise. I now have: And my desktop is running fine now. But in fact I do not like to run beta software. So as soon as an official build is available with a fix, I would like to use that one again. Kind regards, Bert
  11. Hi Porthos, I downloaded via your link: mb4-setup-consumer- Which has the same version number 4.1.056 once installed. Just the same story, firefox, thunderbird, spotify all became unresponsive after installation. My Windows 10 2004 build info: 19041.264 Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2202.130.0 Kind regards, Bert
  12. Hi, I upgraded my Windows 10 to version 2004 on 2 systems laptop and desktop. I got apps that were not responding, taskmanager not responding, nothing really worked. I had to uninstall MalwareBytes 4.1.056 on my laptop and desktop to get again working system after reboot. Please make MalwareBytes compatible with this new Windows version 2004. Kind regards, Bert
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