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  1. Interestingly enough for mine to report "okay" with both web protection and real time protection working I HAD TO use MBam's cleaner twice... I used it, followed everything except the 'download and re-install' the first time, said 'no'. Used the cleaner again, confirmed folders were mostly empty (leaves behind some files) and then followed thru to the 'download and reinstall', YES... did one scan and both protections are working again. What ever happened to 'inhouse testing'?? Glad it is fixed.... thank you for the efforts on getting this fixed!

  2. So what the heck happened to MalwareBytes in the last 47-72 hours.

    I've had the Premium version for years on two of my PCs and suddently today, dead.

    No real time protection - won't turn on.

    Did mb-clean, reinstall,  same issue.

    Manually cleaned, reinstalled, same issue.


    NOT a single change to my PC, no installs of othter applications... WAS ALSO using gigantic amounts of memory!

    MALWAREBYTES just went from #1 to 'below low'... FIX this issue. IT Is with the Malwarebytes program/updates of the last few days as NOT one change has been made to my pc

    Oh, MSCE, CNE, A+, Server+, Network+, Cisco certed too... Malwarebytes has just created a hole in my wall.


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