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  1. Fine. You're being picky. Doesn't make a whit of difference. Replace software with the word changes. OK??? Clearly there was a major error that was not adequately tested.
  2. Just a suggestion for the future: Don't release any software Friday night/Saturday morning, especially if the last QA person came back from a 3 mojito lunch!
  3. ".. thank you for the efforts on getting this fixed!" Really???? They deserve no thanks for getting it fixed. What are they going to do? Not fix it? Never should have happened in the first place. Still waiting for an email apology to users.
  4. Trust is difficult and slow to build, but easy to lose. It will take a lot of time and remorse on the part of MWB and actions such as extended subscription time. Obvious opening for a hungry competitor.
  5. Latest update now appears to be 3804. Just got 3803 and checked and there it was. FYI. Still no direct link. Unforgivable.
  6. Exactly my problem. And they tell me to start it to get the update. BS!!! There should be a direct link to the fix.
  7. If I could get Malwarebytes to start, that might work. In trying to get rid of the problem, I ran clean malwarebytes (which by the way did not work correctly, but disabled my being able to start Malwarebytes at all, but left most of the program files). You would think with such a major problem there would be a separate link to the fix. Extremely poor response. Not at all satisfied.
  8. The download link is to 3791. I cannot find any link to 3803 or higher. How about some help here???
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