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  1. Where can I find this case #00063 I can’t log into support with the login credentials I have for here: https://support.malwarebytes.com/login.jspa There is NO link below in this support email to see replies to my original support request. That’s VERY helpful …. NNNNNNOT! Why is it that something so simple is being made so complicated. In the GUI for MalwareBytes, I see a 50% offer/link. (SEE ATTACHED PDF) I click on the link and it says I’m not qualified for the discount. (SEE ATTACHED PDF) If that is the case why is it saying I am qualified in my MBAM User Interface. Please advise ASAP. Mike Claggett 50 Percent Discount.pdf
  2. Admittedly MBAM Fessed Up and got fix out fairly quickly though not quick enough to from having to pay a BoxAid.com tech $70.00 to figure it out and install the new update. And now I have 3 other machines to do the same thing myself. I don't hear anybody offering to credit us for a month's worth of usage. Oh well, my 70 bucks just grew wings. C'est la vie
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