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  1. Would uninstalling Chrome and reinstalling it do the same thing? That might be simpler...
  2. Here you go, Ron. Let me know what you suggest next. Fixlog.txt
  3. Here is the scan file from MB. I also ran AdwCleaner and Farbar Recovery Scan Tool. Any other suggestions? MB scan.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  4. Ron, I did all of this and found no infection.
  5. I believe my system has been infected with Cj.dotomi.com. MalwareBytes often, and it has never found and eliminated it. Can you help, please? I have downloaded and run Farbar Recovery Scan Tool, run the scan, and attached the resulting FRST.txt and addition.txt files. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  6. Hello. For various reasons, I'm pretty sure my system has been infected with Cj.dotomi.com for quite some time. However, I run MalwareBytes often, and it has never found and eliminated it. Can you help, please?
  7. I am running version, but real-time protection will no longer start. This happened before, and you guys suggested installing the latest updates. When I did that, it helped. But now it's doing it again, and I have the latest updates.
  8. Hey, guys. I just installed MB Premium a couple days ago, and I'm in the trial period. I can run scans, and everything appears to be clean. But when I try to turn on Web Protection it won't start. Any suggestions?
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