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  1. Thanks all is good now. My power options must have been changed when the tech installed Win 10. Then again that was back on Dec 7th and this wasn't a problem! I started to think this was 2017 all over again when Avast and MB clashed big time.
  2. Since yesterday both protections were somehow turned off and won't turn back on. The buttons keep spinning. Windows 10 updated last friday, computer restarted. No other programs updated. I searched the forum to see if this happened to anyone else.
  3. Apparently mine updated automatically, but I still have web protection off as well as the two Avast protections. It's late so I'll wait until later after I wake up to turn on at least web protection.
  4. Thanks, I will as usual have to wait until I'm done doing normal everyday stuff! Once I have updated MWB I will monitor the program and post if it works or doesn't work.
  5. Currently I have turned off Avast's Do not disturb and Real site as well as MWB's Web protection, which has stopped the problems mentioned in this and other threads. This is extremely frustrating since I still have a year and 3 months left on my Avast subscription with my MWB renewal coming due in 10 days.
  6. Currently I have Real Time and Web Protection disabled and just turned on Do Not Disturb after reading your post. I repaired Avast as well. I had no issues while all three were disabled Question; I read that old files in Avast were not being removed when the program updated, is this still the case. I posted 4 screenshots on Avast and wonder if the two files dated last year could be the problem? See my post above and click on this title; Avast Blocking Access to Internet After Update
  7. Avast forum Avast Blocking Access to Internet After Update 18.6.2349 MWB forum Web Protection won't start - Avast also installed
  8. First, let me correct the title of this thread. It's not that web protection won't run, its the fact that if I do enable web protection it causes some interference with internet access, access to windows programs such as network diagnosis, event viewer, etc....This happened after I updated Avast. Also, at first my system struggled before applying the Avast update, which I do not have set to automatic since I like to apply the updates when I'm ready. There was no indication there was an update available for some odd reason. I found out by opening the program's interface due to the system struggle. That's when I updated the program and after that I turned on MWB 3's web protection. I still had a problem with the above mentioned issues, so I turned off web protection. I found this thread on Avast's forums Avast Blocking Access to Internet After Update 18.6.2349 Excerpts; I just found this about an hour ago and haven't performed the repair, but I did see 2 of the old files identified in Avast. You'll also notice that a MWB user on Avast posted a MWB thread on this issue. I'll update this with my results later after I'm done with my original plans for tonight.
  9. Thanks exile360 I realize it's a separate issue and will start a new thread after I'm finished with my research on Avast. I just thought this was odd that after turning web protection off again without Avast running, the issue stopped.
  10. Currently I have been unable to turn on web protection. It has nothing to do with BSOD's, and everything to do with losing my internet connection. This began to happen after Avast put out an update, which I applied on Thursday the 23rd. That's when I decided to take the plunge and turn on my web protection. Within a few hours I started experiencing internet connection issues and browser freezing. Once I couldn't open event viewer. I would have to reboot using the reset button because normal restart would hang forever. I then chose to not load Avast and left web protection on and still had the same problem. Last night I turned off web protection and I've had no issues since. My MWB 3 is up to date, so I'm thinking I will have to either repair Avast or reinstall it as well as reinstalling MWB 3. I've been to Avast forum and searched their forum for issues with their latest update.
  11. Thanks for the response and information. I'll test the waters later.
  12. I was waiting for the program to notify me there was an update, but evidently that was not to be. Anyway, I have updated the program as exile360 has instructed, however I'm a bit hesitant to enable the web protection. Okay, not a bit, rather a lot hesitant. Could it be lack of confidence combined with the fact I just updated Windows two days ago, which seem to have caused the BSOD's in the first place?
  13. @migue Just uncheck web protection and you should be fine. I have Avast as well and since unchecking web protection haven't had any BSOD.
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