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  1. In all fairness, the real reason I am so upset is that Malwarebytes is THE problem solver and my GO TO solution for computer protection. There is no other product I can rely on to take it's place if I can't trust Malwarebytes.
  2. Have started getting calls from my customers that have businesses open on the weekend. Same problem. Can you imagine if I had this installed on every one of the 75 computers at that clients main office? Am dreading Monday morning when all the rest of my customers start calling in. I have been a user and reseller of Malwarebyte since the very beginning. I just can't afford to have this type of consequence from software I install into my customer base. (Of course I have no choice with Microsoft, which is even worse).
  3. This morning, went to use my 2 computers. One has Windows 10, the other has Windows 7. Both warned of low memory when trying to open or use programs. On both computers had the same following symptoms: Rebooted, VERY slow reboot. Desktop comes up very slowly. Hard drive running all of the time. Task Manager shows Malwarebytes using over 4GB of RAM even though it hasn't even finished loading yet. Took forever to open control panel and Programs and Features. Finally managed to click on Malwarebytes and uninstall. Rebooted. Everything working fine with Malwarebytes uninstalled. I have a quote from
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