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  1. This exclusion works in my test environment: HKU\*\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS\CURRENTVERSION\POLICIES\ACTIVEDESKTOP|NOCHANGINGWALLPAPER Please reach out to support. They will walk you though enabling debug more for logs which will expose the exclusions that are being passed to the endpoint and we can investigate from there.
  2. Hi Rob, Any chance you could share diagnostic logs with us so we can determine what the endpoint agent was doing? For example, if a scan was running, 35% is not wild.
  3. Not yet but, we are planning a redesign to the reports section of the console and part of this redesign will allow you much more flexibility over the report being generated including time range.
  4. Uninstall and reinstall has been reported as working for other users here running the consumer product.
  5. You can view it in scan history or navigate to the updateconfig folder under programdata\malwarebytes It'll be in the UpdateControllerConfig.json file under this key "dbcls_pkg_version" With our February update, it will be visible in the cloud console on the endpoint overview page.
  6. I asked our QA team and they told me that is a separate issue they are tracking where the update package version gets corrupted and resets to 1.0.0. They advised that you reinstall.
  7. Disable web protection and try checking for updates again.
  8. After you've selected your endpoints and run the action to Check for Protection Updates, please reboot the computer or restart the MBAM service.
  9. For users of the Cloud Console, you can force the endpoints to check for an update and then restart the mbamservice or reboot the endpoints:
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