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  1. I've canceled my subscription. The last two (three?) updates have been unacceptable. In January, I came home to my PC chewing through 48GB of RAM. Long story short, I had to boot into safe mode and uninstall MB. Now, my CPU jumps to 99% when launching Chrome. Uninstall MB and all is good again. Unbelievable their QA is this bad. I'm reinstalling an old version until I find something better or my subscription runs out, whichever comes first.
  2. This is how the world works, no different than your internet going out if you use cloud based systems... things happen
  3. LOL 'mission critical' Read your EULA, you're not going to sue If it's mission critical, you should have had protections in place
  4. You haven't run the update. Should be package 1.0.3803
  5. LOL You sent your employees how because you couldn't temporarily disable the web protection?
  6. The professional software engineer doesn't understand the term bricked
  7. ITT: A bunch of whiny people that don't understand how software works Also, yes it is fixed. Update, restart your computer
  8. | As a professional software engineer.... If this is your reaction to a software bug, I really doubt you're a software engineer. Things happen. | This is PRECISELY the type of event I bought Malwarebytes to avoid You bought Malwarebytes to prevent software bugs? Quit complaining
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