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  1. Yeah, my employees, friends and family called me about the issue as well. I told them to kill the process, and in less than a few hours the problem was solved! NO other company is that fast to fix their issues! People make mistakes! Programs are made by people, as are the updates. I lost time today, trying to work, but couldn't. It was a very, very minor issue, and as far as I know, a first of this type, for Malwarebytes. Again, please give them another chance!
  2. Jaywkay. Please over look this rare issue. I have been using Malwarebytes for over 10 years, and they have only messed up like twice. They are also the best!!!
  3. I have that version, and I confirm that it is now working, correctly.
  4. Same. I had to close Malwarebytes and disable the services, as they just kept restarting. The website is messed up and not loading. Heck it even was blocked for several minutes, by Malwarebytes.
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