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  1. There must have been an update which fixed it. I shut it down for the night about 3 nights ago, restarted it and have had no issues since. Hopefully it is taken care of. I still have trouble understanding why I did not see this issue on my other 2 machines. I guess it will have to be one of those unsolved mysteries!
  2. Since I installed this, the problem thus far has not returned. I will let you know if it returns.
  3. Only on one PC am I having this problem. MBAMService.exe is doing 12-13% CPU. Sometimes if I quit the program and restart it, it doesn't come back for some time, maybe hours.
  4. They were quick to fix this problem. I have confirmed that I am no longer having the problem on all 3 PCs with MB installed. Actually this is quite refreshing! Thank you!
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