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  1. Good grief, the 'fix' was just to release a patch that wasn't broken. Well done? okay then.
  2. 50% of our systems were in a total unresponsive state. Rebooting with NIC uplugged helped a few but not all. Now go through all these multiple steps reacting to each machine's separate response on 50+ machines. Enjoy your day. I dread to think what else would have borked had we had MB installed on our production servers. OMG.
  3. Obviously your small IT empire was only affected in a marginal way and you were up and running in time for your favorite show on TV. Consider businesses with large numbers of PC's and enterprise systems facing huge outages. I spent most of my day off having to manually repair this problem. Most PCs in my business behaved in different ways responding to the suggested courses of action. It wasn't pleasant I can assure you. It's nice your issue was resolved relatively quickly, but please don't resort to name calling especially as you obviously don't understand the full spectrum of this outage.
  4. The 'quick fix' could have been as easy as pushing out the previous update with a newer hash. It's not rocket science people!
  5. https://www.sitejabber.com/reviews/malwarebytes.org
  6. You can defend all you want, this is a really bad problem to have caused.
  7. The way MB can take down any system in this way is the DEFINITION OF MALWARE ITSELF! Confused? I am. Re-write your code.
  8. Inexcusable. Amateur. How the heck could you even write code that can fail in this way and take down everything with it? This is THE DEFINITION OF MALWARE ITSELF You have created a monster. Re-write your code.
  9. When my office and it's staff sit there picking their nose this software sucks ass. Stop sucking balls son. I used to recommend this product. Not any more. Consider my 6 licenses dead.
  10. I'll sue every last one of you! (famous movie quote (almost))
  11. THIS IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE! I'm running mission critical machines that all collapsed. Get ready to be sued.
  12. This V3 REALLY needs some work. The logic is flawed.
  13. v3 is a real problem. Can't connect to license server so it puts Windows in total controlled lock down eating memory and causing the OS to stall. What a poorly written piece of garbage. V2 does not have this issue, I'm running it on an old machine right now. To temporarily gain back control of your computers, stop the Malwarebytes service.
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