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  1. 1 minute ago, SeriouslyPissed said:

    this is unconscionable!  the amount of work and time lost to this piece of shite that was released today is inestimable...  we had to physically shut down 6 machines which were totally locked up and couldn't even bring up task manager to do it elegantly.  The damage to drives, a boatload of in-progress work that hadn't been backed up since 6 AM this morning, the cost will be unreal - and that's just one household!!

    can you imagine the damage - round the world - that this has caused?  I'll be reaching out to my lawyer to see what the possibilities are for recovering some form of recompense for the losses - despite all the fine print in the original purchase agreement!

    and I was one of MB's biggest fans...  that changed in one short hour!

    Sorry, I just logged on to find out why all these blocking activities are happening from my home computer.  Is this related to what your business is experiencing?  

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