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  1. Here is what does not work to fix it, and I might add, the popup for "updates are not current" is getting really annoying! Reboot. Nope. Uninstall with the mb-clean tool, and auto-reinstall as it always does. I've done this about a dozen times over the last six months for update issues. Nope. Install new version. Nope. Click on "check for updates manually" about a dozen times. Nope. Quit the app and relaunch. Nope. I guess all we can do is wait for the next version and see if updates are fixed yet.
  2. Same issues. Fine last night. Booted up this evening, UPDATES ARE NOT CURRENT. I click to update manually. Nothing happens but for "checking", and then it's right back to "Updates are not current". It doesn't even look for updates. It's immediate. I can click "check for updates" myself over and over and over, and it WILL NOT update at all. I uninstalled with the mb-clean tool, rebooted, installed new version 3.5.1, as I have done in the past. Same issue. Quit the app, relaunch, same issue. 3.5 on Windows 7 Home does not seem to be able to check for updates AT ALL. Honestly, this used to be a great program, but lately, it's gotten very buggy and is very annoying as it seems there is always something wrong with it!
  3. So that was it! Y'all owe me a new pair of shorts. To whom do I send the bill? The crashes this morning were spectacular. Never seen the (7 Home Premium) computer use up ALL of the 16GB of RAM! Windows memory services was pretty mad about it, too. Guess I will do another reinstall. For the record, it all started with the notorious "web protection services turned off" and will NOT turn back on at all...
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