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  1. MS recently pushed an update that disabled USB printers, and another recent update caused boot loops! Apple constantly makes mistakes, and call them features or intended purpose!
  2. @BuckyBadger, being a great company is not about not making mistakes! it is to admit you screwed up and fix the issue and learn from it.... MS screwed up many times, Apple screwed up many times, Intel screwed up and cant even fix the damn issue! Everyone can make mistakes, and as a software engineer you are this childish, i pity your company you are working at... Sometimes mistakes arent really mistakes, it is that people dont oversee every thing... or accidental mistakes happen unintentionally before you start a war these kind of mistakes are unforgivable bs, learn the first rule of success,
  3. some of you got 4gb only and call it painful, i have one on a server with 48gb memory now, rolling my eyes! i have over 80 clients in different locations and by monday, i ll be like
  4. this is me waiting for tomorrow and monday! Going to be circus!
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