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  1. Me again. I assumed from "Protected browsers and applications" on the Premium page, and from comments on this forum, that Pale Moon wasn't supported. So I guess all you have to do is add palemoon.exe to the Premium version and all is well. Good deal!
  2. Thanks a lot for your quick reply and most useful info; I most have missed it somewhere!
  3. I also use Palemoon as my primary broswer. Any plans to include that in the protection? PLEASE!!!
  4. Tetonbob: I've only clicked "No" and won't even think about clicking "Remove" unless suggested and I understand what might happen.
  5. tetonbob: Thanks – I'll continue clicking "No", but would sure like to understand why the popup message even appears. I thought that removing the entry would eliminate the popup and anything sinister that might be associated with it. Very confusing!
  6. AdvancedSetup: Thanks for the additional info, and I located the two keys you supplied. Just for giggles, I installed and ran the anti-rootkit on another Win 7 computer here that uses the same motherboard and operating system, and the popup warning in the first post did NOT appear! Of course, there are a zillion differences in software from one machine to another. The first key entry has nothing beside it, while the only data associated with the second key reads "value not set." I'm afraid I don't understand exactly what "code-signed" means, nor why the keys only show only one computer,
  7. AdvancedSetup: Thanks for your feedback, but I have no reason to think my computer's infected or have any issues running the program. It's just that I received the same popup message that Johnf25 mentioned in the first post on this topic. The subsequent post by tetonbob identifies this as a legit entry in location C:\Windows\SysWOW64\nvinit.dll But being unable to locate that entry, and from conflicted info about Appinit_DLLs on the Web, I don't know what to think. I'm very reluctant to try removing Appinit_DLLs if I don't know what it is, where it is, what might happen if it's removed,
  8. I just ran Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit Beta for the first time and got the same warning. However, there is no AppInit_DLLs entry in C:\Windows\SysWOW64\nvinit.dll on my machine running Win 7 Ultimate, nor does AppInit show up when conducting a search. I know I'm confused, but should I also be concerned?
  9. Same thing. I had to do an initial reboot to get the program working and a second reboot for the icon to show.
  10. The beta fix is working fine on my XP machine and I just installed the same on my Win7 64-bit machine. No problems! QUESTION: Is it okay to use with Win7 or should I install Is there any downside to using with Win7? Thanks! (And sorry for my previous "garbage post". I guess copy and paste didn't work so well!)
  11. The beta fix is working fine on my XP machine and I just installed the same on my Win7 64-bit machine. Is it okay to used with Win7 or should I install Is there any downside to using with Win7?
  12. Whoops – I may have stumbled across another "funny" using MBAM with XP SP3! On two machines, I could not download Firefox extension updates if MB was running. Once I unchecked "Start with Windows," the updates proceeded to download and install normally. Also, the "Enable protection module" on the main MB screen is greyed out and cannot be unchecked. However, if MBAM is opened AFTER it's been "told" not to start with Windows, the "Enable protection module", starts out unchecked. One more thing: attempting to end "mbamservice.exe" in the Task Manager freezes the machine! All of this is AF
  13. As a follow-up, I just installed the patch and everything on my old XP machine (using ZoneAlarm Free 5.5.094 and Avast Free Antivirus) now seems to be working as well as ever! The accompanying explanation from MBAM was as welcome as the patch itself. Way to go guys!
  14. How about posting "the fix" so the rest of us can give it a try? As long as it's marked as a beta or possible solution, there should be no reason for complaints. I'd love to give it a go and would be happy to report back.
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