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  1. Uninstall it for now, if you cant patch it. The more times you beat your head against this, the more frustrated you will get and the more likely it is that YOU will do damage to your PC. Just bite the bullet and wait for this all to stabilise. If you break your PC by fighting a battle you cannot win, whose fault would that be ?
  2. Most SLA's would be around 99% availability - 6 hours out (given 8760 hours/year) isnt even close - I wouldn't hold your breath for free subscription time based on this one incident.
  3. There seems to be a pattern developing here which validates my decision to wait before re-installing the software. Older systems with less RAM are not as resiliant to the fix as the super fast machines with 16GB plus of RAM. In the time it takes to get the update, even if you are super fast with mouse and keyboard, an older system will have all its RAM taken by the rogue process. My machines are older ones, hence I will wait till a proper distributable which post dates the patch is available on the site - till then I will just wait and use alternatives.
  4. Surely this is what back ups are for. It was an outage for a few hours are you honestly trying to tell us you had no alternative. If you are a business I presume you have a business continuity plan - if not then perhaps today is a day for learning
  5. There's enough doubt here that far from being fixed, it may just have had a band aid applied until such time a full fix can be issued. It will not be going back on my laptops until that happens. Dont get me wrong, I am amazed it was patched up so quickly but it does not look like its working for all and I wont waste any more time this weekend on it. Back to an altenative until this is fixed properly - hopefully next week.
  6. Already pulled it from 5 laptops. If I reinstall will this have the fixed code?
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