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  1. Checked in to say that I just used this support tool to recover from a failed update, and it worked brilliantly. Thanks.
  2. It looks like qualtrics.com is one of those things that puts up 'please give us feedback' boxes on various Web sites. Not sure how it is getting trapped as malware. Something in their scripts, maybe?
  3. Here's what worked for me on a Win7 and Win8 laptop: Boot into Safe Mode (not Safe Mode with Networking). Run services.msc Find the Malwarebytes service in the list, right-click, and select "Properties". Change the startup type to "Manual". Close services.msc and reboot. When Windows comes back up, run services.msc again. Right click on he Malwarebytes service and select "Start". Immediately start up the Malwarebytes application, go to the dashboard tab, and click on "Updates: Current" link. As soon as it finishes, in services.msc, right click on the Malwarebytes service and select "Stop". The Malwarebytes application will close when the service stops. Dismiss the error box that appears. Right click on the Malwarebytes service again, select "Properties", and set the startup type back to "Automatic". Right click on the Malwarebytes service again, and select "Start". It should work now. You can use Task Manager to check and make sure the service's memory isn't growing. If you open the Malwarebytes application, go to "Settings", and select the "About" tab, it should now say the update package version is 1.0.3803.
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