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  1. Look at the Ram usage, I made a post just yesterday about it sapping page file again
  2. Hi I did the scan stuffs the bot told me to do, hopefully this isn't actually the same thing that happened before but eh, bug are just like bacteria, you cant permanently remove them and they will always find a way back in your kitchen mb-check-results.zip
  3. Hey I dunno how long ago I got this update but I just had to sign off of windows 10 a bit ago and realized that Malwarebytes is having the issue from a month ago or so with all the "Ahhhh! halp me my PC is crashing and overheating because y'all suck" and what not, so I thought Id just slap thin on yer table and yelp a bit to see if its reproducible or not. Oh yea an here's a snap of the version stuffs
  4. I kinda curious what caused the issue in the first place, I know it was on their end yea but I love specifics. Oh and good job on the quick fix MahBytes
  5. Im currently having this issue as well, it just started sometime today.
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