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  1. Well, what a learning lesson for MalwareBytes! One thing for sure, many more people know of this forum and have joined, I'm one of them! I agree with the posts that acknowledge how everyone makes mistakes, and the most important thing to to is to own up to them, apologize, and make amends. I'm a retiree, technically savvy, and have MB installed on 3 home computers. It was scary around 11 am on Saturday (EST) when my PC suddenly started rebooting. I feared I got infected with something. I checked MB and saw web protection was off and I couldn't turn it on. So I immediately pulled the network cable off my PC, shut it down, and started browsing from my phone for a newly reported MB server issue. I quickly found this forum, got familiar with the issue, rebooted the PC with the network reconnected and went to "check for updates". The fix was already there, so before my PC memory was entirely allocated by the bug, the software was updated and a reboot returned me to normal. My wife's laptop, which was on and displaying the issue managed to go update itself! When I got around to checking for updates, it had already downloaded and fixed itself. I'm an engineer who's designed and built critical up-time systems in my 45 year career. Never have only one system, and try to interconnect redundant systems as little as possible. In my case, my smart phone was my alternative means of searching the internet for a solution. The phone shares nothing, not even internet access, with my desktop PC. Anyone who fails to regularly backup their computers, clean them of extraneous files, and has but one means of accessing this interconnected world, is a participant in their demise in situations like this.
  2. Well, at least I found this forum to tell me there is an active Malwarebytes server issue, so I'm not fearful of some kind of malware having infected my machine! I quit Malware Bytes premium for now and I'm relying on Windows Defender Security Center for now. I bet the real time web protection requires there be a live server connection to work. Perhaps that's why that issue is present. My crash issue here is revealed and a video driver compatibility issue, but I'm sure now that this is due to RAM overflow. I've liked this product for a few years now and I've been paying for premium. Let's hope this gets fixed right away and they take steps to avoid it in the future.
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