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  1. I am convinced that all those posting congratulating MB on doing such a “magnificent job” are post by employees or non-affected trolls. No one in their right mind thinks this is all OK. This is not the first time. The issues of CPU and memory utilization have been problematic for a while. Pushed updates are also a problem. That is the reason I will not update to Windows 10. Give us the option to install updates. I do not want to be the first to install an update. I typically wait a few days then install. Many love to live on the cutting edge or technology –let them agree to test and report to you the problems. Then update everyone; those who have production systems and networks. Like I said in previous post – Malwarebytes this is wake up call. You cannot abuse your customers and expect us to stay or continue to use your product. I will not recommend this product to my clients until you have won back my trust. Your continued silence is not making me feel confident you understand the magnitude of the problem.
  2. I too have been with MB since 09 - lifetime license. The product has been getting flakey for the last year or so. There are weeks where I just turn it off. Mostly CPU utilization issues. Runs 80-90% on Core I7. I close MB and computer goes to 10% on all cores. I will restart it every few days to run a scan. Sad to see a good and needed product go bad. Maybe this will change things. Better product - Better testing. This was a wake up call. You cannot toy with your customer base. Anyone remember WordPerfect. They owned the market - every Legal office use it. Gone and forgotten. Screw with your customers and **it happens.
  3. My wife was in class today - Paid to attend and was using her computer unit problem hit. She and several other just turned their computers off. Wasted time and money. She is angry. I am s software engineer and understand computer bugs. This was not just a bug. A disaster or major proportions.
  4. This was just the crash - The issue has been around for a while. Is this a patch or a fix????
  5. Not OK - rendered my computer useless. I used the removal took and got my computer back. The memory issue has been getting really bad over the past months.
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