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  1. This is a Wordpress site that was compromised but has since been corrected and secured. Can this be removed from the block list?
  2. Not to be flip about this as it affected me as well, although not to the extent as some, but how would the affected customers even get the email if their PC's were borked? Many don't have redundant systems or check email on other devices. Plus, MWB would only know the IP gateways for the affected users, how would they know who to send the email to? And think of what would happen if they did send out a mass email ... many scared consumers and possibly business would turn off their protection and expose themselves to the real bad guys ... who would love to have even a few hours of unprotected access to millions of systems.
  3. Wow. For a minute there I thought I accidentally logged into Facebook.
  4. Has the offending update been pulled? I have a few laptops that need to be booted, but not if the update gets pushed automatically. Is there an ETA for the fix?
  5. They really need to a.) pull the update, if they haven't done so already and more importantly, b.) make an official statement that they are aware of the problem, acknowledge it and have a fix in the works ... as well as suggestions until the fix is out.
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