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  1. Nice, I ended up uninstalling synapse just to be safe, it was indeed a false positive, it's safe to install again? Thank you for the help.
  2. Hello to all, a few moments ago the daily scan took place in my computer and it detected the Razer Synapse Installer as a backdoor.nanocore , the weird part is, it's been on my computer since I've installed windows because I use synapse, and yesterday's scan did not detect anything, does anyone know if this might be a false positive or should I be worried?
  3. Has the update fixed the memory leak and real time protection issue for Win 7? Have to admit I was quite worried my computer had been infected, which would be odd since I use it for gaming and all of the games I buy are from steam, origin or battle net, the only downloads I do from the web are for malwarebytes and ESET NOD32.
  4. I haven't updated it yet, anyone using Win 7 can confirm it has fixed the memory leak and the real time protection issue?
  5. Uninstalled MB for the time being, will wait for some sort of explanation or fix from the developer, been using MB with a lifetime license since its scan results used to come up on a notepad file, first time since something like this happened to me, it odd at best, atleast I use ESET with it, so I'm not completely out of protection with it uninstalled, hopefully it will get fixed soon.
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