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  1. It's a little annoying sure, but, no worries. I definitely still trust this app/company. It's a temporary faulty update, it happens, no apparent harm down other than maybe a few more gray hairs on a few heads. As I've seen others mention, I'm just glad it wasn't actual malware that got in. I uninstalled it for now, will check back later and do the re-install when it's all good again.
  2. I just uninstalled it and rebooted so I wouldn't have memory issues. I'll check back later and see what's up, then re-install once the coast is clear.
  3. I created the "mb-check-results.zip" file if it's still needed to help troubleshoot. I'll upload if you guys could use it in troubleshooting, but maybe you already know what the problem is and it's not needed.
  4. Something happened with MBAM today... I've got 32 GB of RAM and suddenly a massive amount of it is being used. Web-Protection never starts.
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