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  1. If you're in a business that doesn't have daily backup protection, you need a new Tech!
  2. I'm not going back on what I said. IT WILL NOT BREAK YOUR PC! System restore is there for a reason. None of your hardware is broken!
  3. System restore is there for a reason people, because things like this will happen from time to time. This issue will not kill your RAM. . .
  4. Ever hear of system restore? These things happen from time to time and you would be remiss not to count on something like this happening, it's called the cost of doing business and professionals account for these things potentially happening!
  5. There's no way this could break your PC because RAM can take a licking and keep on ticking.
  6. Just an inconvenience for me, no harm done- thanks for the communication with your costumers and quick fix!
  7. Using old security software isn't the wisest thing one can do, just saying. . .
  8. I don't know why people are posting links when they know almost everyone has malwarebytes disabled, you trying to infect us?
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