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  1. You must restart the service, just closing MBAM and opening it up again is not enough. A reboot would do the same if your more comfortable with that.
  2. 3803 fixed both of my pc's running Windows 10 Home 1709. Those that it appears to have not fixed it, what version of Windows are you running?
  3. 3803 installed, after it applied, restarted the service instead of rebooting, looks good now, Thanks MBAM.
  4. Easy Launch task manager as admin, kill MBAM, open services.msc disable Malwarebytes. Important: Re-enable the services once a fix is released.
  5. After Microsoft updated it said welcome to Fall Creators Update. I already had that update, on top of having to reinstall Malwarebytes it deleted my Homegrpoup. After reinstalling Malwarebytes it was tanking the computer by eating all the memory resources same as everyone here. I've disabled the Malwarebytes service until a fix is available.
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