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  1. What is the issue? Been digging for solutions on this since December and I just don't run Malwarebytes due to the freezing I experience. I've never heard an acknowledgement so it's a relief to see and I just want a little more insight if you could share
  2. Unfortunately I haven't isolated it down to that. Hopefully it is. I was on the beta FYI, I actually just disabled that though because I realize I don't want to be subject to instability from beta. (That being said, since stability issues started happening in December seemingly due to MBAM, logic would dictate the opposite)
  3. I've seen resmon catch some mbam behavior on heavy disk activity with my computer freezing, often with Steam downloads... can't pinpoint anything else thus far. View my past posts to get context... sorry I can't be bothered to quote it but thought I'd hop in on this thread since I noticed some slight freeze/lag upon bootup and caught MBAM again... it seems to want to lock files before it can release them to the app using it or something. Steam downloads triggers it because it's a large file size that's sudden? Not sure.
  4. I've had similar freezing issues in the past, view my past posts to get context... sorry I can't be bothered but as soon as I saw this topic I was like, AHA! Possibly the same thing! I've been fine the past month or so after they released an update, before then I just quit MBAM and wasn't running it to isolate it out amidst other factors I had going on. Seemingly fully updated MBAM and everything is working fine for me, fingers crossed!
  5. I would just like to add that starting December my W10 x64 had ~2 BSOD's and more important huge stutters/sometimes permanent freezes that are a result of huge disk activity and memory hard faults once I caught it with resmon open. I suspected bad components since I just went from a 1700 to a 2700x and changed from a RX 480 to a 5700 so I returned everything to stock on my BIOS settings and isolated things out but I still get these stupid huge stutters/freezes that can yield 10-20 seconds without any input, then a stutter of mouse input then continued freezes. Thought it might be when my memory usage runs high, like 12-13/16gb I disabled 1. Steam downloads when playing games since I noticed a lockup when it was downloading dota 2 in the background (suspected bad ssd but it's fine, checks out on health tools) 2. Windows Defender after catching some things with disk i/o mspeng.exe so I disabled that via gpo (rolls eyes) 3. Issue persists and now I caught mbam.exe or some other malwarebytes executable with the disk activity during a lockup and this thread and searching otherwise... makes me think Malwarebytes is the little bugger that's causing all this crap to happen. Not pleased but I know being unhappy like BIll or whoever it was recommending Norton (LOL I'll never use Norton and will always laugh at someone that recommends something like McAfee or Norton), doesn't help or serve any purpose on online forums. Is this an acknowledged issue that has a known cause? Malwarebytes has only been good over the years and this is a pretty bad flaw that is a huge stink. If this persists/repeats over the next 3-4 months I'll have to start to reconsider my opinion of the team maybe getting a little bloated as the company I work for has become LOL I'll report back if that doesn't solve the issues, feel free to ping me or dm me. Hopefully quitting malwarebytes every session will prove to resolve the issue. Also in one sense, hopefully not.
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