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  1. Hey. Title says it all really. https://rxdb.info is a false positive. The site only displays documentation for a JavaScript library. Thanks! :)
  2. As the title says really. Attached both the installer and the .exe itself - the installer appears to run just fine however, it's only when I go to run the newly installed .exe that it gets quarantined. If you also want you can see the source code here - but there's nothing dangerous there other than some very slopping programming. Software.zip
  3. I'm still having the issues and I've just forced it to check for updates 😕
  4. Yeah same. For me it is Visual Studio, Vivaldi, and Duet Display. I'm getting the notifications constantly as of about 5 minutes ago.
  5. Same here... Web protection turns itself off, and cannot be turned back on. Malwarebytes is eating more and more RAM over about 15 minutes by which point it's using all of my 16GB (!) and my Laptop crashes...
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