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  1. Has there been some sort of sweeping change in the management of your company, or have you just replaced competent employees with unqualified buffoons? Seriously? It wasn't all that long ago where MB updated and it started devouring RAM non-stop until your computer crashed, and now you've actually outdone your colossal screw up there with something that completely locks up people's computers forcing a hard reset. Do you have any QA at all? Cause it sure as hell doesn't seem so. I won't be renewing my paid subscription after it times out. I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt after that last travesty, but to have another incident like that happen so soon and for it to take you a month to fix it is simply unacceptable. Maybe if you can manage to go a year without causing critical errors on your customer's machines I'll consider giving you my money again, but I doubt it.
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