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  1. Has there been some sort of sweeping change in the management of your company, or have you just replaced competent employees with unqualified buffoons? Seriously? It wasn't all that long ago where MB updated and it started devouring RAM non-stop until your computer crashed, and now you've actually outdone your colossal screw up there with something that completely locks up people's computers forcing a hard reset. Do you have any QA at all? Cause it sure as hell doesn't seem so. I won't be renewing my paid subscription after it times out. I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt after that
  2. You do them no favors by kissing their ass. This is something that shouldn't have happened. If they did their job properly, they would've detected this issue before pushing out the update and corrected it. You making excuses for their incompetence is pathetic. The people threatening to sue or report are either trolling or stupid, but people absolutely have cause to be upset, especially if they're paying for the product as I am. It didn't take me long to diagnose the issue and fix it, but that doesn't make it any less unacceptable. And as for the whole "no one was hurt or died," some people cla
  3. Really? Because after restarting my computer, it took less than 10 minutes for the RAM usage to climb to 50% with 16gb of RAM installed. That's too much time for a test to be conducted? Give me a break.
  4. Yeah, because it's not like modern companies and government agencies rely on technology at all, right? It's totally fine when these services are crippled from something that's as easily detected as a memory leak. Stop being a sycophantic simpleton. Yeah, always a good idea to ignore paying customers who are upset with a company's monumental screw up.
  5. Same here. Had to uninstall it in order to get it to stop. What a colossal screw up. Maybe I should switch to the free version so at least I'm not paying a company to sabotage my computer.
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