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  1. You got that right - Then they'll take their computer somewhere and get charged a lot of money to have it fixed.
  2. If the patch doesn't seem to solve your problem go here : https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb_clean Running the tool will also prompt for a download and reinstall. Might be easier for some than messing around with stopping and starting services - not everybody knows how to do that. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR LICENSE ON HAND.
  3. Ran the cleaner and re installed - easy peasy. Not a peep out of my CPU fan - looks stable so far. Reinstalling may be the way to go but sucks if you have to do it on multiple PCs. I still want a pony.
  4. Maybe if they give me a massage, do my taxes and send me a bottle of wine and some expensive chocolate I'll forgive them. Oh...and I want a pony.
  5. I just uninstalled Malwarebytes - it was crashing my computer. And I cancelled my next renewal. Totally wasted several hours of my Saturday trying to figure this out. Rolling back is too annoying since I'll be pestered constantly to update. Seriously, I have enough trouble dealing with Windows 10 updates. Maybe I'll reinstall it, maybe I won't. Researching alternatives now.
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