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  1. For those that may need a script to push out (admin rights required). Copy and paste into notepad and save as "killmbam.bat" @echo off sc stop mbamservice sc config mbamservice start= disabled taskkill /f /im mbamservice To reactivate, copy and paste into notepad and save as "enablembam.bat" @echo off sc config mbamservice start= active sc start mbamservice
  2. If you still get Access Denied, you may not have admin rights on the machine, which is required for all of what I posted to work.
  3. Click Search and type Services. Find Malwarebytes, double-click it and change the service to disabled and click Apply. You can *try* to stop the service, but I found this simply errors out. Try killing process in task manager. Another option is to open a command prompt as Administrator or Command Prompt (Administrator) depending on your version of windows. Type taskkill /f /im mbamservice.exe and see if that kills the process.
  4. Been using this for a little over a year and the first time I've seen a hiccup. I've disabled the service and killed the process and will keep an eye on the forum for updates. Wouldn't be surprised if this is somehow related to all the hoopla with Spectre/Meltdown. My company has still not rolled out the January updates from Microsoft because the updates will break about three applications we use unless those applications are updated first, which is being worked on. Not sure if I want to blame Microsoft or Intel for this mess. Both appear to be at fault. :-/
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