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  1. And on a side note, MWB doesn't actually stop coin-hive sites if they run the script on repeat. It didn't bother me at first (just another way of paying to access content), but if there's a way to halt the scripts from firing, that'd be awesome.
  2. Read some of the forum posts and it seems like this is a widespread issue with MWB or something interacting with it. Making a unique post because I noticed the issue on both my desktop and laptop at about the same time (thank you Rainmeter). Noticed that MWB was turning off live web protection on it's own and got concerned when I found it was doing it on both my laptop and PC. When I was troubleshooting on my own (why isn't it working, oh hey MWB is eating all of my RAM and CPU, restart PC, turn off MWB & turn back on MWB, reinstall MWB, power cycle PC, etc.) my desktop threw an error w
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