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  1. Look for this cluster to be in the news tomorrow. I just got back from the grocery store and there were random people talking about it. This is going to be epic.
  2. I restarted the service on each of Win7, 8, and 10 machines. Opened the interface and quickly hit it to update. The update was fast but in each case I had to stop and restart the service, post update, to get it to stop chewing memory.
  3. Oh cool, I have to start the service to allow the main application to update. That's wonderful. It'll be a race to see if I can get it open before the service eats every byte I own. They should maybe consider just throwing up a dialog about not being able to connect to the service and then let we mere mortals go ahead and use the update from the interface. Instead, they halt the interface if the service it off.
  4. Total cluster. Apparently, there's a business version of this product that is now taking out tons of stuff across the web. And naturally, it's the weekend, so if you're going to blow an update you might as well blow it on Saturday morning for maximal effect.
  5. This is rippling it's way across the net. Apparently some businesses run this stuff on systems that they should not. Of course, there's no one there on the weekends so it's taking out their stuff by sucking all of the memory up on the systems. This is going to make the news ... probably in a few days once it all percolates up and the total impact is realized. I've disabled the service. Hopefully I can update MBAM's database with the service killed so I can get around this. If I turn the service back on, I'm not sure I can get the update loaded before my systems eat themselves. How does something like this go out without being tested? I think someone was perhaps asleep at the wheel. It's not OS specific either ... it has killed Win7, Win8, and Win10 machines in my house.
  6. Every machine in my house is out of memory ... 99% of it taken up by the MalwareBytes Service. Killing the Service in task manager just causes it to restart. This is just as of today. I assume some really sweet update with some killer feature went out just recently. Nicely done. What a cluster. Let me guess, I need a new subscription to the tool that allows one to control the memory consumption of MWB.
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