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  1. Updating the program, then killing it and reopening again fixed the problem. 206mb ram usage and doesnt change no more. Please accept my condolence to all the fallen souls who had their PC's lagged to death during this catastrophic event.
  2. This have been happening to me for the past 2 hours. I was using the version 3.3.1 not sure the other numbers... I only got to know about this because my friend told me that he is having an issue with malwarebyte eating all of its RAM on 2 computers. On his laptop screen went black and it's kind of like dead. I didn't noticed it myself because I didn't checked straight away, but then my chrome become laggy and I went to task manager and it was like at 3gb but in 2 mins went from 3gb to 3.5 gb ram usage and kept growing. I just closed it with task manager and it doesn't seem to be popping
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