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  1. As long as you dont do mad surfing oon the interwebs then youre fine anyways. Playing games or doing normal work with inactive MWB is totally possible. Everyone calm their tits
  2. People who claim "Malwarebytes does not test their product" are simply wrong. They do, both Automated and User tests. What you dont understand is that Memory Leaks like this one are hard to find in automated and even the usually rather short paced user tests. Memory Leaks are a problem that for a reason mostly only ever gets caught by consumers. because they are often conditional and hard to spot until you actively run analysis on your system memory usage. Non constructive criticism wil be ignored and if you want to go somewhere else, just pack your stuff and leave without the rant. Ra
  3. Things like this happen. other AV software had issues to. People need to stop being so infuriated. Just disable/uninstall it, wait until a fix is out that sets MBAM back to a working normal state, get yourself a cup of Tea/Cof and chill out. There is no need for threats of "You put peoples life in danger" "your product is stuff" or "i want compensation for my company losing money". If sherrifs cant work without a computer and company IT services cant handle an issue like this then i dont wanna live in your state/work for your company...
  4. Dont get to hasty with the "OMG THIS IS stuff REMOVE AND NEVER COME BACK". stuff happens in software development and yes this is a pretty bad issue. Holy hell was I scared when my system repeatedly ran OOM. Seing Malwarebytes take up 16gb of memory in less than 20 minutes had me afraid my system had been compromised. G Personally im really gald to see its just a bug in the sofftware. And, while MBAM Stays uninstalled for now until I have confirmation that the fix is out, I'll not doomsay on the product, since there never has been a better AV for me in the 9 years im professional
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