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  1. ****PLEASE DO NOT CLOSE YOUR THREADS UNTIL YOU KNOW IF YOUR SOLUTIONS ACTUALLY *HELPED* ME. GEEZ. How rude. Here's what you originally said to do: Staff 226 posts Report post #3 Posted 6 hours ago We're sorry you had issues with our program today. We've addressed the issue and here's what you need to do to fix it. *** How to resolve / verify you have the fixed update package *** Update package version 1.0.3803 or higher contains the fix To resolve, simply reboot your machine. In some cases, a second or even third reboot may be needed. To verify you have this update, go to Settings -> About -> Update package version: 1.0.3803 This did not work. I still have the same problem. The solution did nothing at all. 1.0.3804 is the update package version I have, and that is not helping. For more clarity: Specifically, it's real-time web protection that says "Starting..." only to stay off. mb-check-results.zip
  2. Malwarebytes-Premium keeps telling me "Real-TIme Protection turned off", and when I try to turn it on, it says "Starting..." for a moment then goes back to off. I am unable to turn it on. I've restarted Malwarebytes, restarted my computer, all to no avail.
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