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  1. Thanks, checking it out now. Looks like it is the replacement for the older toolset so I'll have 'fun' digging into it. Appreciate the assist, best to you!
  2. Hum, OK. Checked to validate setting, it's Auto, not delayed. What is the current toolset being used to see the sequence of Startup? Been too long that MS has hidden that info and I've not had to dig for it. Sure would be nice to be able to sequence how things load... After this I'll close the topic so as not to add too much noise to the forum, and it doesn't appear to be security impacting. Thanks again for the insights/assist!
  3. Thank you. I attempted the change as I agree on the timing factor as the principle trigger. I turned off the fast startup, only item left (sleep and hibernation were already off). That made a change, the notice doesn't pop up until at least a minute or two later rather than already flagged upon user login to the system. In case the last Win10Pro update modified the Hibernation function I searched for hyberfil.sys, doesn't seem to exist on the system. Are you aware of any other cache that would keep drivers, etc. stored for the OS that is not typically advertized/communicated to users
  4. Hello? Thanks for the first quick reply, can you help me with the connection between automatic updates and why that impacts the program causing it to trigger the Windows Firewall notice at startup? Is there something going on with the selection/option the title doesn't quite tell we users about the process? Does it cause a sequence problem during Startup? I don't use it because of all the challenges I've had with each and every update since 4.0, so I have it notify me of updates only. Then I select a time where I can spend an hour updating the program. First trying the in-program upd
  5. So educate me please on what not automatically downloading updates has to do with the interference with Windows Firewall, triggering the notifications.
  6. The primary issue is the Firewall, not the default of registering with Windows which was resolved after the first time of turning off the Register switch. On the Logs side of life and the support tool; I have only been able to get updates completed since 4.0 by using the support tool. Here is the Results text file only 'mbst-fix-results.txt'. I have the logs from the update conducted for 4.2.3 attached, I didn't run logs until just now to reply to this email. I just did it and that file (attached) has no date in the name of the results and is the full zip file. mbst-fix-results.txt
  7. Since updating to 4.3 I receive a notice from Windows 10 Pro every time I start my system saying I need to turn on Windows Firewall. When checking Windows Security Center, the three firewall options all show the firewall active. Hopefully that status is accurate and this is a startup sequence timing issue and not a false report of Firewall status triggered by 4.3. One related symptom of 4.3 update which has an easy workaround; the default option for Malwarebytes registering with Windows Security Center changed to being on instead of off. It does remain off once changed by the user.
  8. Hi, Is there a link for the 3.8.3 version so we can do a fresh installation? I am getting a constant pop up from my current 3.8.3 telling me to upgrade to 4x. I had hit download for 4.x when it hit the street however I didn't do the upgrade so the program is stuck in a state of upgrading and I am tired of hitting close every few minutes. Thanks, Costa
  9. Kevin, Thank you, I appreciate your response. We can close this topic, I've already used other programs to clean the system and have restored it plus repaired Malwarebytes as this was required. The PC is back up and fine. Thanks, Costa
  10. Kevin, Thank you for replying, however your cut/paste of the forum pinned post I referred to as having already read in my original post seems to indicate you didn't read my original post. Please let me know how best to communicate with you so we can move forward, or if you are overloaded but still attempting to assist I appreciate it, just let me know. Thanks, Costa
  11. Hello, I have a system with current Malwarebytes Premium 3.8.3 installed. It appears to have been hit with malware. During browsing a page showed up with a fake page stating Mozilla Firefox had a problem and provided a fake Microsoft number for the user to call. The LAN cable was pulled immediately and a full scan with Windows Defender was run that took 7 minutes, then the Malwarebytes scan hung up during the files scan segment and won't progress. I read the pinned info 'I'm infected...' and downloaded FRST and ran it however I'm concerned the malicious program could embed itself to th
  12. Hello, I just assisted my Sister-in-law purchase Malwarebytes for her Mac Air and other devices only to discover iPhone licenses were separate. That means she purchased two extra licenses. How can we get her license quantity reduced by two? Help!
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