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  1. Its all good and dandy for those of you who are saying "oh whats the fuss about it, just disable the process" etc etc. That doesnt solve the issue. I and many other i suspect lost data because of this. I wasnt at my workstation when it crashed so i couldnt prevent it. Im sorry but this is not acceptable.
  2. Just signed up here for the first time, just like everyone else here i too have this issue. Dont mind my lost data since my pc locked up and then crashed ... I also noticed the the application just restarts itself if i turn it off which it shouldnt be doing! I've closed malwarebytes and terminated the process to no avail, it decided to start up again (both of them). I have uninstalled this, it was my only solution. EDIT: Correction, i cant seem to even uninstall this now, the uninstaller just freezes!
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