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  1. Just now, xfreakazoidx said:

    Wow people are idiots. Never seen such nasty comments. Yes its an annoying bug thats messing with our ram. But all you need to do is quit MBAM and disable it in SERVICES for now. Its not like they pushed the update out on purpose people! At least they are working on a solution. All this "I'm gonna sue!" and "I'm permanently uninstalling!" and "Can't trust them!" are some of the most idiotic comments I've heard! If it were my company and people treated me like this over an accidental glitch in an udpate I'd be saying "Forget you guys then for being impatient wolves! I'm not fixing it!". 

    What is causing the negativity is that this update even MADE IT TO LIVE.  The problem happens so very fast that even a minimum of QA would have picked it up. Even just running it with the Task Manager open makes the problem patently obvious!  

  2. Just now, exile360 said:

    While I cannot speak for the staff, up until recently I was employed by Malwarebytes.  I know for a fact that they do have automated test systems in place to test all updates before they go out and I do believe it is also protocol to do some level of live user testing by Research, however, given the nature of this issue and the fact that it can take quite a while (especially in systems with fast CPUs/large amounts of RAM) for this particular issue to show any obvious symptoms I suspect this is why the update got past QA.

    Regardless, knowing first-hand how other issues of this nature with broken/corrupted updates were handled in the past, I'm certain measures will immediately be put in place once the Devs fully understand the root cause to check for this issue for all future updates to prevent it from ever happening again.  Whatever caused this, it's got to be something really obscure in the code as it's not something we've ever seen with the software prior to this to my knowledge.

    LMAO. I am running a gaming rig with an i7 and 8 gigs of RAM. It was 11:15 AM EST (15 minutes after the update was pushed) for my computer to crash. FIFTEEN MINUTES!!!

  3. Just now, domem said:

    If I learned anything from this, its that a major software vendor does not test their updates in a test environment. That scares me because I rely on them for security... if they can let something as obvious as a memleak get pushed to their deployment branch then we've got issues. You guys might think I'm overreacting, but I need confidence in the software that I rely on for security. They have definitely lost me as a customer.

    Yep. ^^THIS^^ 

    It took less than 5 minutes after 11 AM EST for my computer to crash.  Wouldn't have taken much to QA THIS mess!!

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